Unique, individual, special, weird, beautiful, extraordinary faces. We’d like to hear from YOU.

We are always on the look out for new people to join IAM Castings – if you like the work we do, please get in touch following the guidance below.

If we haven’t met you already, we will firstly need some photographs of you: one head shot, one side profile and a full body picture. This will help us get a better idea of the work we can place you in.

Your pictures don’t have to be professional, just make sure there is a lot of light and the file sizes are not too large – a smart phone photograph is fine.

So we can see the real you, we ask that you take your pictures with no hats or sunglasses, or heavy make up. If you have long hair, please take one shot with your hair up. It is also useful to know your measurements (height, chest, waist and dress size).

Your expression is your choice – we want to see you shine through!

Finally, email your images, measurements and contact details to the team at scout@iamcastings.com.

If you are selected to be on our books, we will arrange a day with you where you can visit our studio to have professional shots taken. 

It does not cost anything to be on our books. If we have approached you on one of our street casting days, it is because we think you would fit with our clients’ requirements. We charge our client for finding you, so there is no need for us to ever ask you for payment.

If you are ever asked to pay a fee to sign up to an agency, be careful. Although there are some genuine reasons for this, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research first. 

If you are under 16 you must get permission from your parent or guardian before applying. 



The team at IAM regularly go out and street cast for new faces and people to be apart of our family.

If you have been approached by one of our scouts you would of been given one of these cards. 


Do get in touch as we would like to work with you. 


IAM :)